Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do I need a Reason ?

Pixie asked me reasons to be happy everyday.Do I need any ? Anyways Pixie , since you ask :

- Aryan and whatever he does , except when he is a real brat.
- A cup of tea , when Anupam makes it. He does , sometimes !
- My daily call with my Mom
- Words of love
- When I see Anupam and Aryan , together and happy.
- When I plan my trip home :) Or any other family vacation.
- When my mom dad come
- Flowers , they make me smile , even in pictures
- When I get a Good morning mail from old friends , once in a while.
- When Friends call.
- My daily chat with my co-sister , even if its just HI-BYE.
- When I get to sleep for long :-P

Don't you think its getting long ..I can write more ..lets cut it here :)
And I tag , MySunshine ,Asha ,Moppet and COS.


Aryan said...

Hei I am back....No wonder Chubby Aryan like flowers..Belated Anniversary...

Ekta said...

aaah...u almost stole my list...seems sooo sweet, simple and yet wonderful!

rayshma said...

i like this space too... :)

How do we know said...

this is cho chweet!

How do we know said...
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Trishna said...

ohh will take this up!Its almost my list!