Monday, October 15, 2007

TV Nostalgia

NM’s post about a TV serial, brought back some fond memories, mostly of Doordarshan. There were certain shows which still stand unforgettable even today.

Kashish” : Sudesh Beri and Malvika Tiwari played the lead roles. It had just 6 episodes but you feel so connected as if you know them from ages. A director falling in love with his heroine, so well acted and directed. The title track was great, and portrayed the emotions well ..."Na Jane Kyo , ek Kashish si hai ...Dil haule se dastak deta hai ..." That was my favourite TV serial ever. You may blame it to my age then ;-) though I still cannot resist love stories :-P

Fauji” : Shahrukh khan got introduced and became the talk of the school :)

Circus” : Who can forget that. Renuka Shahney , Shahrukh Khan and so many others became a part of our lives then.

Nukad” : Again Renuka Shahney and who can forget Khopari ...the drunkard.

Dard” : Never watched the serial but loved the title track .."Dil ka ek chehra dikhayi dega, Dard bola toh sunai dega ..." wonderfully sung by Jagjit Singh.

Mrugnayani” : Ohh I became a fan of Pallavi Joshi since then , she looked beautiful.

Swabhimaan” : One of its kind. First fancy serial on DD. Time was odd and so I never watched it , but I remember how the Rishab (Rohit Roy) of the serial made my friends crazy.

There have been certain small screen heros and heroines who have been my favourites for no obvious reasons :

Pallavi Joshi – “Mrugnayani” fame
Kitu Gidwani – “Swabhimaan” and “Shaktimaan” is all I can remember
Renuka Shahney - Circus, “Nukad”, “Kora Kagaj” and the movie "Hum aake Hain Kaun"
Gracy Singh – “Laagaan” fame ..was first seen in TV serial “Amanat
Malvika Tiwari - Probably due to “Kashish” :P
Off recent Prachi Desai – “Kasam se”..Daily soap on Zee

Guys ...

Sudesh Beri - Again for “Kashish
Maamik - Big brother from "Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar" and "Kya Kehna" was earlier a TV actor.
Ashutosh Gowarikar - When he had hair :P Was seen in CID
Ronit Roy - Yes Yes ...Mr Bajaj of "Kausauti.." fame.

There are a lot more ..cannot recall all ..What do you say ?


NainaAshley said...

I haven't watched hindi channels for a long time ..i guess ever since all the ekta kappor soaps started. I used to watch doordarshan serials during school days....I too enjoyed fauji, nukkad...they bring back memories of the days when watching TV was rationed by my grandpa, so I had to pick which show that I wanted to watch and watch it during dinner time. That dinner streched on across multiple shows is a different story.

Anonymous said...

Used to love this serial called "farman ". very very loosely based on a pride and prejudice kind of theme and mimicked the kashish storyline with the antipathy between the lead characters.
-just dropped by

Squiggles Mom said...

Oh thanks for reminding me about Kashish. I loooooved it and yes I do think it was because of the age for me too :)). Very M&B'ish!
And Farman which your anonymous commentor mentions was good too. I think it had kanwaljeet in it.
The serial I liked was the one with Renuka Shahane where she is having an extra marital affair.
There was another one which was a remake of Pride & Prejudice which starred Kitu Gidwani and this was before Farman. Nice.

~nm said...

Truly a nostalgic post :)

It reminded me of the couple of serials which I still fondly recall. They are -

1. Buniyaad (the famour Lajjo Ji :D )
2. Mrugnaynai
3. Trishna (Hindi adaptation of Pride and Prejudice)

Pixie said...

Very nice post...
a couple more serials I did like would include:
-> Tehekikaat
-> Chitrahaar

Presently, Its Desperate Housewives, Friends, Monk, Ugly Betty on Star World and CSI on AXN.
I don't watch any of the serials aired on Z TV, Star Plus or Sony other than the dance and singing reality shows :-)

Priya said...

Hi Swati ..what a nostalgic post..
we used to wait for whole week for these serials as in those days there was no concept of repeat telecast and most of them used to be weekly. Kashish especially I remember.

pipedreamers said...

hey, have u seen 'School days' by any chance? how u find it?

Anonymous said...

hi , i too loved favourite teleserial ever . a very decently narrated love story there any way to watch it again ?- ams

Jyotsana Sharma said...

This really kicks off old memories!, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi,Daraar(Kanwaljit and Divya Seth),Nupur( with hema Malini and Kbir Bedi, a love story with lots of BharatNatyam too!), Air Hostess(Kittu Gidwani). And Of course, Swami, Karamchand(and Kitti and his carrot), Kashish. In fact these days we have a lot many channels and shows but they cant match the quality of those ones in our childhood(adolescence) times.

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