Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just to say Hii!!

Ladies and gentlemen , Thanks for checking on me , yes I am still in this space. Life has been super duper busy at work. Plus with in laws at home , I am not able to give time to the internet even at home.

But its been good so far. Inspite of being busy , I am enjoying , both at work and at home. Aryan is so so so happy these days. Good that I listened to all your advice and allowed him to have a blast for a month. But his happiness will not last for long now.

My in laws are going back tomorrow and I get shivers thinking about the fact that I will have to leave hom to day care from Thursday. Its worse than when I left him to day care for the first time. That time he was small and did not understand much. But this time after a month of fun , with different set of grand parents , I am not sure how he will react to day care. He has been missing my parents since they left inspite of being with Anupam's parents and enjoying with them. Now he will miss all of them like hell :(

Anyways , Lets take life as it comes ! As of now I am happy to see a smiling and excited baby all the time !

I hope to blog a little more often in the near future , and I hope to read all of you more often as well and I hope I will not leave your page before commenting , as I do these days , but no promises till work gets better !


Monika said...

have fun girl...enjoy good moments till they last and then deal with the difficult ones as they come...

Mama - Mia said...

and hey to you too!! :)

am sure Aryan will be ok in a oupla days!!

hope we can catch up sometime soon!



Monika,Ansh said...

Ouch..that will surely be tough but kids adapt so fast....it'll be all normal in a few days time for Aryan.

Collection Of Stars said...

Welcome back and I hope Aryan gets adjusted easily back to day care :)

Solitaire said...

Awww..take care of yourself and your baby.

K 3 said...

Ouch, I am sure Aryan will adjust soon enough. Kids are tougher than we think they are.

Hope work gets light soon - maintain the work-life balance - i know its tough but you got to do it! HUGS!

Manasa said...

Hi to you too :)