Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Innovative Film City - Bangalore

Visited Innovative Film city (a new fun park) last sunday with inlaws and a cousin , after first hand reviews from Mama-Mia. And absolutely enjoyed!! Due to lack of time , this time I would just let the pictures do the talking. If you wish to read a great review , here is the place.

The Gate

The Gate from distance

Wall of Fame :)

Aqua Kingdom

Lovely Statues

Metal Circle

Louis Tussad Wax Museum - You guess who is who !

Louis Tussad Wax Museum - You guess who is who !

Louis Tussad Wax Museum - You guess who is who !

Louis Tussad Wax Museum - You guess who is who !

Louis Tussad Wax Museum - You know them!

Louis Tussad Wax Museum - You guess who is who !

Rippleys -Believe it or not!

Rippleys - From Shark's Tummy!

Rippleys - South America's Original Shrunken Head ! Innovative way to pay tribute!

Rippleys - Six Legs Cow!

Rippleys - Double headed calf!

Cartoon City!

Dinosaur World!


mynanhipari said...

Lovely pics Swati. Isn't it a great place? This time we visited while in B'lore and Sunu loved the place...esp. the mirror maze one:)

When we went the mock filmy sets were not up yet...I soooo wanted to see them:)

Mama - Mia said...

am glad you guys also had a great time!! nahi toh mujhe maar padti!! :D

great pics!! but we wanted some with Aryan!! :D



Manasa said...

You missed out Mirror Maze huh?

Nice pics :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey, it's been ages since I heard from you. How are you doing?
Just this morning, a friend of mine was telling me about this place. Must check it out :)

PG said...

That surely looks good! Very large and imposing sculptures and all. I'm sure you had good fun there.

Vidooshak said...

This post must come with a **Spoiler Warning**. The pictures are so well shot that they pretty much expose ALL that there is to see in IFC. I suspect people who have seen this post may actually be bit disappointed-- the photos somehow make it look even BETTER than it really is. :-)

Even then, in entertainment starved Bangalore, it is a great way to spend the day (other than those ghastly malls malls malls) when one has visitors from out of town.

Brilliant post. I keep coming back to read the same post every 2-3 days

Monika,Ansh said...

Great pictures. You are good with the camera girl!Glad u all enjoyed :)

Sujay Ghosh said...

Well I had been to INC. Its okay at a overall rating, but the staff are not well trained at all. That posed a very big problem.

Rest is okay, apart from the wax museum, I did not find anything to write back home.

workhard said...

Lovely pics.. my fav is the wall of fame and the lovely statues...

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Blogger said...

Hi Swati...My name is Nandini Mridhul. If you don't mind helping me out, could you please tell me the minimum number of people who can enter this place. I heard they encourage only big groups. Is it true?What is the entrance fee and do they charge separate for playing with other games like Go-carting?

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